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Rosette and Quad Hexagon Mosaic Tile Pattern in White & Teal Green

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Lyric Hex Pattern in White and Teal Green Rosette and Quad
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These Hexagon mosaic tile patterns are one of our newest offerings - made to order in our fabrication facility in Texas, and are available in custom color palettes. Lyric glazed porcelain hex tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior use, including floor and wall surfaces and standing water.

  • Sheet Size: .85 s.f.
  • Tile Size: 1 inch from point to point; 7/8 inch flat side to flat side.
  • Tiles per sheet: 144
  • Tile Thickness: 4mm
  • Joint Size: 1.5mm
  • Type of Mounting: Face-mounted on transparent Mosaic Tape.
  • Lyric Glazed Mosaic Tiles are suitable for: Walls, Floors and wet areas, including standing water.
  • Each sheet measures .85 s.f., so you will need to divide your square footage by .85 to determine the number of sheets needed to cover your area.
  • Availability: Made to Order. Ships in 7-15 business days average.
  • Installation: This product is mounted on mesh.

    For installation instructions for architectural use, please consult a professional installer, or see our Installation Methods.

    If you have any questions, Email us.

    COLOR SAMPLES: Differences in monitor settings and quality affect the way colors appear onscreen. When you are planning an installation, please take advantage of our Samples offer to view the colors in person. NOTE: Patterns samples consist of a swatch containing all of the colors used in the pattern, rather than a sheet of the pattern itself.

    Product Code: LHP-RQWTG
    Brand: Lyric
    Product Code: LHP-RQWTG

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