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MTS offers exclusive blends, patterns and designs in glass mosaic tile, as well as custom design and fabrication options based on your design.

To view the offerings created by our in-house design staff, listed by design style, click on one of the categories below - Mosaic Murals & Medallions, Mosaic Tile Blends, Mosaic Tile Borders, Mosaic Tile Gradients, Mosaic Tile Patterns or Solid Color Field Tile Sheets.
Lyric Embossed Wall Tile - Flora pattern in Coconut White
Embossed patterned wall tile for kitchen, bath, fireplace and more, plus listellos and other decos and accent tiles.
Shop for mosaic tile murals and medallions at Mosaic Tile Supplies
All mosaic tile murals and designs Remember, we love custom projects, so if you don't see what you're looking for, just email our design dept. for a custom quote.
Shop the Mosaic Tile Blends category at Mosaic Tile Supplies
Custom, Stock and Made to Order Glass Mosaic Tile Blends at Mosaic Tile Supplies - multicolored glass glass mosaic tile blends in the most popular color combinations.
Mosaic Tile Borders at Mosaic Tile Supplies
Mosaic Tile Borders sold by the linear foot.
Shop for mosaic tile gradients and shading blends, available in standard columns, 2 backsplash designs and custom sizes.
Browse our huge selection of Mosaic Tile Gradients.
Repeating pattern mosaic tile designs sold by the sheet
Repeating mosaic tile patterns, available by the sheet. Mosaic Tile Designs and mosaic murals made in-house for residential and commercial renovations and building projects.
Patterned Tiles, including repeating pattern wall & floor tiles, frosted patterned glass tiles and embossed wall tiles.
This Mosaic Tile Supplies category contains all of our solid colored mosaic tile sheets
All solid colored mosaic tile sheets, from all of our different lines, are listed here.

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