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KALEIDOSCOPE® Glass Mosaic chosen for Largest Glass Mosaic Mural Installation in the U.S.
Exterior Commercial Mosaic Mural

Update: February 28th, 2006.The largest all glass mosaic tile mural in North America has been completed,and it is absolutely stunning! Many thanks to everyone involved.

Update: February 7th, 2006The largest all glass mosaic tile mural is 90% completed, and photos will be published as soon as the building site is cleared.

Update: January 5,2006.Glenn Harris, of World Class Pools, has been chosen as the installer for the Wing Lung Bank mural- the largest all glass mosaic tile mural in North America. Glenn, who has offices in Orlando, Honolulu and Tokyo, has a long list of high profile glass mosaic tile installations to his credit, including water features at both Disneyland and Disney World. We're proud to have someone of Glenn's experience and credentials involved in this project.

UPDATE: November 30th, 2005.

The long-awaited Wing Lung Bank Mural is now in fabrication, and will be completed by the end of 2005. Stay Tuned for in-progress photos of this work in production.

We are proud to announce that our Kaleidoscope ® Glass Mosaic Series has been selected as the main component in a new and highly innovative
exterior architectural glass mosaic tile mural project. This Stunning example of modern mosaic art, the largest glass mosaic mural installation in North America, is being fabricated over an 8 week period.

This cutting-edge mural is based on the original artwork by Neil Seth Levine(shown above). Tsang Architecture of San Francisco, CA designed the impressive new building which will soon contain the new branch of Hong Kong-based Wing Lung Bank in Alhambra, California. (See the architectural scale model below).
Pine Wave Co., the Walnut, California construction firm selected for the building and installation is scheduled to complete the project in early 2006.

The finished piece will stand 34' 8" high and 129' 7" long, covering 4615 square feet and containing 971,105 20mm glass mosaic tiles. in 12.3"e; sheets.
Mosaic tiles included are 85% Mosaic Tile Supplies' Kaleidoscope® Glass Mosaic Tileand 15% Bisazza La Gemme Series.