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Kaleidoscope ® Brand Glass Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile Supplies has been manufacturing Kaleidoscope ® Glass Mosaic Tile since 2003, when we introduced our first 40 colors in the U.S. The Kaleidoscope ® Brand is a registered trademark of Mosaic Tile Supplies, LLC - the first trademark registered by our company, and one that we are committed to expanding in an ever-growing market.

Between 2003 and 2009, the Kaleidoscope ® Brand was expanded to include 8 different lines in over 160 individual colors, 340 mosaic blends, 50+ mosaic tile gradients, and dozens of mosaic tile patterns. These lines include Color Grove ™ Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tile, featured in 2007 in the largest glass mosaic tile mural in North America (as of that date) at the Wing Lung Bank in Alhambra, CA, a project which was honored with the first place Spectrum Award at the Coverings Tile & Stone Expo; Color Q 10mm mini glass mosaic tile; Color Sheer Transparent Glass Mosaic Tile; 3 glass mosaic blend collections including Kaleidoscope ® Colorways ™ Blends, the I LOVE Color Collection, and the Great Tastes Collection; ColorShift ® Mosaic Tile Gradients, and mīwā mosaic tile patterns.

In late 2010, we introduced Kaleidoscope ® C3 ™ Recycled Enamel Glass Mosaic Tile to the market in 80 brilliant colors, and it's been enthusiastically received by both the art market and the commercial building market, thanks to our wonderful customers.

In July, 2011, 2 new lines were added to the Kaleidoscope ® brand - Colorscape translucent Glass Mosaic Tile Blends, and Color Glitz Iridescent Glass Mosaic Tile in 24 colors.

In 2013, we revamped our production systems to create a higher quality glass mosaic tile with a purer, more defined range of colors.

In 2014, we added additional colors to our Aura Metallic Glass Mosaic Tile series, and introduced a new line - Kaleidoscope Color Swirl Variegated Glass Mosaic Tile.

The large number of Kaleidoscope mosaic tile colors and finishes available, combined with our in-house design & fabrication capabilities for on-demand custom mosaic tile blends, patterns and designs makes Kaleidoscope ® the most diverse and comprehensive glass mosaic tile brand in the U.S. While our design staff constantly introduces new blends and patterns based on the latest interior design trends, there are thousands of color & design ideas as yet untapped - the possibilities are endless - and we look forward to offering more to the industry in the coming years.

While the diversity and customization capabilities are the best on the market, our Kaleidoscope ® glass mosaic tile offers another benefit as well. Because we are the manufacturers, and our company is in its 11th year as an online only mosaic tile manufacturer, we are able to offer you excellent pricing and the experience that comes from truly knowing the products that we sell.