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Below are some of the websites we've found to be useful and user-friendly for anyone interested in the use of color and color theory in interior design, architecture, and renovation projects. We've separated the sites into categories for easy browsing, so if you're looking for builders & contractors, interior design links, or shopping resources, see our other referrals.

Color Theory Resources

Find more photos like this onColorMAX Design Cooperative
ColorMAX Design Cooperative is an online community for those interested in the use of color and texture in interior design, and offers members the opportunity to join discussion groups, upload their own mosaic blends, favorite patterns and color palettes, and ask questions for other members to answer.

ColorSchemer.comoffers a great software package for creating your own color palettes, and the forum allows you to exchange color ideas with other ColorSchemer users.

Historic House Colors

Aspen Carpet Designs

Sensational Color

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