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Choosing the Right Colors for your Home - I've Made it Simple

Choosing the Right Colors for your Home - I've Made it Simple

Author:sheri falcone

I am an interior designer and student of personal growth. I would say that in the top ten lists of questions my clients ask me is “What colors do I use for the inside of my home?” “How can I make it fit my personality??
When I go into a home for a color consultation, I try to get to know my clients before I suggest any particular colors. For instance, are they energetic? Do they wear bold colors? Are they quiet and shy? If I went into their closet what would I find? These answers tell me a lot about their personalities and usually what they would like in their home. You should ask yourself the same questions. If you are energetic and bold, you may have an interest in colors as reds, yellows, purples, and royal blues. If you are quieter, soft greens, blues, pinks, creams are more your style.
It’s all about creating an environment that makes you want to come home to a safe haven. This is where you can plop down and be at your most relaxed and comfortable state.
So, the question is “how do I begin?” I begin with a color plan in which I start with the “givens”; the existing upholstery/furniture fabrics that you have, art work that may be on the walls, window covering fabrics, area rugs, flooring materials, cabinet and countertop colors and anything else that is staying in place that would have a contributing factor to choosing your colors.
From those existing fabrics, art work, or rugs, pick two colors that you just generally gravitate toward and enjoy seeing that will now be your base colors. Then pick your “passion or hot color” from those fabrics to be your accent color. This “hot” color is usually red, burgundy, deep rust or something similar. Your accent color is extremely important to give your home “life” or “excitement”. It will only be used in small doses as an accent, usually two to three times disbursed throughout the room. Now you have your color plan that you will use through the majority of your home. Bedrooms are the exception and can have their own entirely different color plans based upon the occupants desires.
You will use these colors in varying shades of lights and darks to give contrast. Interior design is all about creating interest. Interest is derived from contrasts. Light vs. dark, shiny vs. dull, texture vs. smooth, pattern vs. solid, just to name a few. These colors will be utilized throughout all your fabrics, art, rugs and accessories. Your accent color is the bright flower in a fabric or used in an accent like a candle or floral arrangement.
Keeping this unifying color plan will enable your home to flow freely from room to room. By using the varying shades of colors and accent color, this will give your room that wonderful feeling of warmth and interest in your home.
Your wall colors are another subject entirely. Look for my next article on “Choosing the Right Wall Colors for You”.

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About the Author: Sheri Falcone is a novice author, interior designer and entrepreneur who enjoys helping others achieve their dreams, be it their homes or building financial freedom with her personal development business, enthusiasm is contagious and she believes laughter and appreciation are our emotional healers. If you live in San Diego and would like a color consultation, please call 858 577-0025.

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