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Design Resources

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions regarding our products and services. If you have a question that is not answered on this page or on our product pages, please feel free to email us

Q: What if I don't want to give my credit card over the Internet?
A: That's fine. We offer Paypal, check and money order payment options as well. You'll be able to choose your desired method of payment at checkout.

Q: Do you sell your tile loose by the bag, or in quantities of less than one sheet per color?
A: No, we sell only by the full sheet, face-mounted on paper. For loose tiles or smaller quantities please visit (Texas), (Texas),OR (Alaska).

Q: What does face-mounted mean? Why do you offer some lines face-mounted rather than mesh-mounted?
A: That means that the flat face of the tile will be affixed to a brown paper sheet or transparent mosaic film. The uncovered side is the back of the tile, and contains a cut-cell design for better adhesion to your mortar base. After the sheets are placed in the mortar, the paper needs to be wet down and peeled off, or the film needs to be peeled back on itself.

The reason for face-mounting our 3/4 inch beveled edge glass tiles is simple: it is the highest-quality mounting available for glass mosaic installation. Glass Mosaic Tiles have been face-mounted since 1954. Mesh mounting only became available for glass mosaic a few years ago, in order to speed the installation process. However, we feel that quality is more important than speed when your home or commercial project is at stake.
Face-mounting prevents any intervention between the latex-modified thinset and your substrate, which gives your installation the long-term stability you require. Because glass mosaic tile is completely non-porous, it is essential that you form a complete bond between the surfaces. Ceramic tile does not require the same type of mounting because it is somewhat porous, and allows the installation product to absorb into the tile, which aids in the bonding process.

Q: Do you carry large tiles?
A: We specialize in mosaic tiles. By definition, mosaic tiles are 2 inches square or smaller. However, we do carry some larger sizes, up to 4 x 12 subway tiles. We stock over 1500 styles and colors of mosaic, floor and wall tiles. We can also assist you in sourcing the material you're looking for if we dont' already carry it. Minimum order quantities and extended lead times may apply.

Q: I want to start a mosaic art or mosaic tile business. I don't have/don't want to get a tax ID or Resale Certificate. Can I still buy from you at wholesale prices?
A: In order to be fair to our other resellers, we cannot offer wholesale or trade discounts without solid proof of business status.

Q: Are your tiles suitable for use in bathrooms? Pools? Kitchens? Floors? Fireplace surrounds?
A: Yes. Our mosaic tiles are manufactured to meet ANSI ratings for use in both residential and commercial architectural use, for both interior and exterior application.

They are frost and heat-resistant, water-proof, color-safe, and non-porous. The only suggestion we make is that you do not use a high-gloss glass mosaic tile, such as our Prism ® & Looking Glass ™ series in high-traffic areas, unless you request our Frosted (Matte) Finish by special order. The reason for this is that a high-gloss tile can scratch over time if installed in an area where they will receive heavy traffic. However, areas such as shower stalls and floors and swimming pool cabanas are fine for our high-gloss glass mosaic tiles.
Details regarding the best uses for each type of tile are listed in the individual product descriptions. If you still have questions regarding specific uses for your job, please don't hesitate to email us: Information or view Product & Technical Information

Q: Can I use regular ceramic tile mastic to install glass mosaic tiles?
A: NO.Glass mosaic tiles require a latex-modified thinset in order to properly bond with your substrate. Ceramic Tile Mastic and other common installation products are NOT SUITABLE for the installation of glass or porcelain mosaic tile. However, latex-modified thin set is easily found at most home improvement stores such as Home Depot & Lowe's, as well as most tile stores. For installation tips, please see Glass Mosaic Tile Installation Tips

Q: Can I install mosaic tile onto standard sheet rock?
A: While many people have told us this is common practice, we DO NOT suggest using standard sheetrock as your tile backer. There are many backer products made just for tile, and the results are always preferable to those obtained using sheetrock.

Here is a list of backerboard products manufactured for use in tile installation:

Standard Cement Backer Boards:
Wonderboard by Custom Building Products
Durock by USG

Gypsum/Cement /Fiberglass backerboards:

"Floating" Style Floor backerboards:
Ditra by Schluter
UNIMAT by Blanke

Lightweight Backerboards:Wedi Board by Wedi
EasyBoard Ultra Light by Custom Building products

Flexible Backerboards:
Wedi Board by Wedi
PermaBase Flex(R) by Uniflex

As always, read the manufacturer's instructions for each product, and make sure it is suitable for your specific installation. Different products have different specifications for use in floors, walls, wet areas, etc.

Q: Can you suggest some good brands of latex-modified thinset, and places to find them in my area?
A: Absolutely. Our suggestions and the ways to locate a dealer in your area are listed below in order of preference.

Custom Building Products MegaLite ™ or FlexBond with MoldGuard
Megalite is an excellent new thinset product for use with glass tile and glass & porcelain mosaic tiles, 40% lighter than standard latex-modified thinsets, with an excellent consistency, ease of use and set-time. FlexBond with MoldGuard is found at most Home Depot locations, and is an excellent product for the installation of glass and porcelain (vitreous) tile in wet or damp locations.
Thin Set Mortar Information at
Where To Buy Custom Building Products Installation Materials

TEC Brand Super Flex ™ Premium Latex Modified Thin Set Mortaris our first choice.
Available in white or grey, Super Flex premium offers unsurpassed bonding strength with virtually any tile and substrate combination. Just add water according to the manufacturer's instructions. One step mixing makes this product the top choice for ease of use.
For the dealer nearest you, please click on this link and input your zip code:

Mapei Brand Kerabond ® / Keralastic ®.
This is a two-part mix- Kerabond dry mixed with Keralastic liquid additive.
This product is available at most Lowe's & Home Depot locations, or visit for a list of retailers.
While you're visiting, take a minute to checkout their new BIO-BLOCK Grout products and the Mapei Grout Calculator.

Q: Do you carry bullnose or coving pieces to go with your glass mosaic tile?
A: The majority of our glass mosaic tiles do not have bullnose or covings pieces, as these "e;finishing"e; pieces are not required for tiles with a thickness of 6mm or less. However, for our ceramic and porcelain wall tile, we do offer bull nose, liners and edge pieces by special order. Please contact our sales dept. for more information.

Q: Can you ship to addresses outside the U.S.?
A: We ship worldwide, with a variety of different carriers and transit times available. Just contact our Customer Service Dept. with the item and quantities you wish to order and your delivery address. One of our representatives will be happy to email you a shipping quote.