Design Resources

Design Resources

Design Resources

This Fall, Mosaic Tile Supplies will be moving to More exciting changes are on the way!

We LOVE Color

Color affords us a world of endless possibilities in style and design.
Color allows us to alter how we present ourselves and our surroundings.

Using color is fun.
We promise.

For those of you who have been quietly existing in a beige room on a tan sofa arranged on a mushroom colored carpet, afraid to break out of the box for fear that the use of color would lower your potential property value, hinder your ability to make friends and influence people, reduce your opportunities for promotion at work, and generally wreak havoc in your lives, we are here to alleviate your anxiety.


Color on the walls... you know you want to.

For the sterile environment.

For the bland office reception area.

For the home that says nothing about you.

There is a light at the end of the long beige tunnel, a light that is tastefully presented, incredibly chic, boldy attractive and easily accomplished.


About the Company

In 2000, became the first online-only mosaic tile vendor in the world. Since that time, we have offered a highly varied selection of mosaic tile, glass tile and wall tile in an amazing array of colors to both commercial and residential markets. Our registered trademark brands include: Kaleidoscope®, Alchemy®, Prism®,Illuminati®, Lyric ™, Mosaic Style ™, and Mosaic Tile Supplies ™.

In addition to our wide selection of products, we also offer the most complete design and fabrication program based in the U.S.A., with on-site manufacturing and exclusive design capabilities.

It has always been our goal to offer the most varied selection of options with the shortest fabrication and shipping times. It is our hope that our goals have not only been met, but exceeded, for the benefit of our customers. The staff at Mosaic Tile Supplies will continue to expand our exclusive offerings and services, and we look forward to working with our clients, both established and new, for many years to come.

About the People is family-owned and operated dotcom by design business physically located in Coldspring, Texas (Hook 'em Horns). Its owners, Randall & Haleigh Stallworth, are the parents of 6 children, all of whom have been involved at some stage of the company's growth. Our dedicated staff of 9 members is available to assist you in whatever way possible. If you're happy with their service, please let them know. They like to hear that they're doing a great job.

If you have concerns about any aspect of your orders not being handled appropriately, please let us knowand we'll do our best to make changes.

It's important to all of us that we continue to offer the benefits our customers appreciate, which is to offer Style, Selection and Affordability. We will continue to offer those benefits quickly and efficiently, to make sure that our clients can live and work in the spaces that bring them pleasure. We believe that you will find our wide variety of quality products, combined with our fabrication and design team's talents are all you need to Color On The Walls™.

About the Place:
Our physical location is a 10,000 square foot warehouse and office space in San Jacinto County, TX.
Mosaic Tile Supplies, LLC
100 Anthony Ln.
Coldspring, TX. 77331
Ph.:(936) 653-8099

Please note: Our location is a warehouse and distribution point only, and does not offer public access.