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MTS Mosaic Tile Product Information and Technical Specifications
Our mosaic tiles meet ANSI specifications for use in flooring, walls, pools, interior design and art applications. If you have specific questions about suitability for your specific project, feel free toEmail usor call (936) 653-8099 for assistance.
Kaleidoscope ®, Aura ™, and Prism ® Mosaic Tile Technical Specifications
EVALUATED IN ACCORDANCE WITH ANSI A137.1-1988                                                      RESULTS VISUAL INSPECTION                                                                                            Conforms BACK. May be either plain or raised pattern.                                                          Raised Pattern WARPAGE. Shall not exceed 1% along any edge nor .75% on either diagonal.          Conforms WEDGING. Shall not exceed 2%.                                                                          Conforms MOUNTING. Shall be uniformly mounted with joints approximately 1/16"e; wide.           Conforms WATER ABSORPTION. Shall be impervious.                                                           Conforms BOND STRENGTH. Average 50 psi or greater.                                                         Conforms
UNI EN 202 FROST RESISTANT.                                                                                         Conforms
UNI EN 122 RESISTANT TO CHEMICAL ATTACK.                                                                 Conforms
DIN 51094 COLORS RESISTANT TO FADING.                                                                      Conforms

Lyric ™ Unglazed Porcelain Mosaic Tiles- Technical Specifications

1) Dimension:
(a) Length & Width JIS A 5209:94 +/- 1.0mm Complies
(b)Thickness JIS A 5209:94 +/- .8mm Complies
2)Wedging JIS A 5209:94 Max. 1.5mm Complies
3) Surface Flatness
a) Center Curvature ISO10545-2 +/- 1.00% +/-.75%
(b)Warpage ISO 10545-2

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